Photo Booth Questions (FAQ)

We want to make sure we answer all of your Photo Booth Questions (FAQ). Every moment is priceless, so make sure you capture it with a personalized photo. If you don’t see you your question below, please contact us, we have the answers! We want you to be well informed and comfortable with the process so that we can get you exactly what you need! So…what ARE your Photo Booth Questions?

Its really simple ūüôā Book your desired event time and we will call to schedule a drop off time and pick up time. The booth will come prepared with enough paper for your whole event and we will also have a banner sign with instructions of how to use the booth. The booth will also have instructions on the touch screen as well.

Absolutely not! The Booth is Touch Screen and operates on its own.

There are no hidden fees other than gratuity and the delivery fee. Gratuity is not mandatory, but recommended if you choose to have an attendant.

Read about the delivery fee here.

NO….But Keep in mind we do not travel more than 30 miles outside of Denver.

Props are included free of charge. You are welcome to bring your own props (for example, if you have a specific theme).

If you choose to have an attendant, the attendant will arrive thirty minutes prior to your start time. If you need the attendant to arrive early, we offer idle hours for an additional fee, or you can simply book a longer duration.

The printer prints two strips every time, and you can go through the booth as many times as you would like. The booth will come pre-loaded with more than enough strips for your entire event.

The booth’s photo strips are 2″ x 6″.

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Monogram Image FAQ

(IMPORTANT: Please read thoroughly as most common questions are addressed)

Unfortunately we cannot send fonts to customers due to digital rights of the font designers. The fonts must be purchased and/or downloaded independently.

After you have paid the $50 monogram fee, click the link below for the submission form and provide your monogram details.

Monogram Submission Form

Absolutely! Please see some examples below:

No. The background color must be transparent or white. So please make sure that the text color you choose, or the image you provide will be easily visable against a white background.

Yes! The monogram template is in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format (we cannot provide template in a different format).
Please click the link below to download the template:

A single monogram image size is 572 x 254 (width x height), but the complete monogram image must be 2-up for the equipment, so the total size is 1144 x 254 (with two copies of the monogram image side-by-side).

Sure! If you prefer to design the monogram yourself or have someone else do it (this is common for companies that have in-house creative staff), that is ok! We accept any common file format, but the final image is converted to JPEG.

Clip art images should be in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format. If the image is JPEG format, the background color should be solid white.

Logo images must be provided in either PNG format (with transparent background), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (AI), or PDF format.

Yes! You can use a logo image, or standard clip art image. Please note that photographs can NOT be used in monograms.

For personal events¬†such as weddings or bat/bar mitzvahs, you’ll generally need to provide:

  • Name(s)
  • Date
  • Text color you prefer
  • Text style you prefer (serif font, sans-serif font, fancy/script font, etc)
  • Layout style of text
  • Optional image (see next FAQ item for more info)

For company events such as anniversary parties, a company logo may also be provided to use in the monogram (see below).

No. With additional purchase of monogram, we will design the monogram per your specifications.

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We literally capture the moment for you and your guests to share. A personalized photo makes a difference, because your guests will go home with a wonderful keepsake and the memories that go with it. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events…you name it, we’ve done it! With all of the choices we provide, you will get exactly what you want! We make sure your experience is great, your guests are happy, and your event is unforgettable. Because we love what we do, you can be sure that we will do what it takes to earn your business. We serve Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. If you’re wondering whether you’re in our service area, please contact us!

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